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High-school Relationships – Do they last?

Hello again!

I was just scrolling through the photos in my gallery and came across a bunch of photos of me and my boyfriend, realising just how long we’ve been together! I am constantly being told by people that you meet your future husband when you’re in University or College, or in the workplace. The idea that highschool relationships can’t work is a very common belief held by people of all ages, in various circumstances and cultures. I, for the longest time, have been trying to change peoples mindsets by using the example of my own relationship. Not only this, but I have seen so many people in my age group with partners they’ve had for a long time also. I am strongly against the notion that teenagers can’t meet their future husbands because they “don’t know what love is” and are “too immature to understand the concept of love”. The popular title of “high-school sweethearts” has negative connotations these days because it is believed that these types of couples only last through high-school until they have to move on to separate colleges. Heres WHY everyone needs to be more open-minded when it comes to teenage relationships.

Okay. So a lot of these teen relationships end in tears and harsh words. But that isn’t always the case. I’ve certainly been through a couple of break ups that make me cringe to this day. But when I was 14, me and my current boyfriend Nick began to date. He asked me out on Valentines Day and gave me a Mickey Mouse doll (which I still sleep with to this day). At 14, I wasn’t expecting this to last for more than a few months, recalling how all my other relationships lasted a maximum of 4 months. However, I kept surprising myself with every “monthiversary”. Eventually, we were celebrating our anniversary instead, something I had never had to celebrate with anyone else. All throughout year ten, the teachers knew we were together and understood that this was a bit more mature than the typical high-school relationship and therefore, they were actually quite supportive. There were a few bumps along the way that year because obviously we were transitioning into our senior years and stress levels were high (not to mention, there was a lot going on for the both of us besides school). But we pushed through and made it to the end of our first year together. We were already defying the odds. Since when did teenagers have such long-lasting relationships?

Year 11 began the next year and we continued to maintain that relationship. Again, there were more bumps along the way but that is normal for any relationship these days. I was understanding what I was worth. We helped each other to study and helped each other with assignments. Normally, you’d think this would be distracting for us and we would get nothing done but it turns out that we made a great team. Not long after year 11 finished, we celebrated our 2nd year together. A second anniversary! I never believed this would happen so early. I was 15 on our second anniversary (about to turn 16 in 2 months). Nick is a year and one month older than me, if you were wondering. I began to grow jealous of other girls he would speak to, wondering if maybe he would rather be pursuing them than being with me. These are typical, self-conscious thoughts of a teenage girl, whether you’re in a long-lasting relationship or one that will only last 4 months. Overall, we were both happy and managed to get past the jealousy issues that were arising. Then year 12 happened.

Year 12 was a great year, though intensely stressful. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at the beginning of the year. I finally turned 17 and he turned 18, which was upsetting because I couldn’t go out to celebrate properly with him, the way 18 year olds do these days by going to clubs. However, we had a group of friends celebrate at his house so that all of us 17 year olds could be there too! The year continued to get much more stressful but my boyfriend and I always stuck together and helped each other every night to finish homework, assignments, essays and everything in-between (I even helped him with his Design and Technology Project!). The year ended, we graduated and went to formal together. This marked the end of our high-school journey, which was extremely nerve-wracking for the both of us because we were concerned about how being apart all the time would affect our relationship. And shockingly enough, it hardly affected it.

Now, after 3 years and a few months together, and having both started at different Universities, we are stronger than ever. We see each other at least once a week and speak every night on the phone and over messenger on Facebook. We both couldn’t be happier. I am now about to be 18 in a couple of weeks and Nick is 19. We are proof that high-school relationships are able to last and can often be the most rewarding kind of relationship. All the waiting we do to see each other is all worth it in the end. We are both extremely happy.

High-school relationships DO WORK!


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